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Finally getting some diapers after a very long time.

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Yesterday I ordered my first diapers off of the internet. This has been a long time coming for me to be finally be padded again. Ever sence I was 5-6 ish I always had an interest in diapers and using diapers. It was hard for me because I knew I couldent tell anyone because at the time I thought I was the only one thinking that. It wasnt until I really started using the internet and finding whole community's dedicated to Adult babies and Diaper lovers.

It was hard to get any kind of padding only way I could get anything close to diapers was through free samples of huggies and pampers and some tena samples. But they were too small for me or was a adult pullup kind of protective underwere. I finally was able to get a Job at a local store and earn money and stuff. With that I had the opportunity to obtain some real tape fastened diapers. Sure I had money before from selling things on ebay I was too scared of getting caught to order anything. But recently something changed inside me I felt empowered and had the courage to tell my mom about my DL side of me. She was supportive which makes me so happy and blessed to have a wonderful mom.

I just cant wait to finally get some diapers,I feel like a little kid few days before Christmas all giddy and happy and excited.

P.S Is there anyway to change my username on here? To something better.

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