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Autism, Cerebral Palsy and being an "Adult Baby"...#101

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Plans got "changed again" by my younger brother, and at the last minute, I did get to attend the AANE Annual Barbecue Picnic for Asperger's/Autism Adults.
My "Neurotypical" younger brother can just "drive me nuts" a lot of times, with his "spur of the moment" decision-making.
Anyway, there were ~ 40+ of us Aspies at the barbecue party in Arsenal Park in Watertown, Massachusetts.
He changed his plans, regarding Saturday, July 12th too.
He got the message about not messing with my Asperger's/Autism disability civil rights activism, "when there is 'my' money out of my own personal pocket involved".
Also attended the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network civil rights meeting after the barbecue picnic. I guess we brought on-board 2 more recruits to the cause.
Took my Aspie friend, "DG", back to her apartment building in Boston, Massachusetts.
Got back home and watched "Batman" on the "MeTV Channel".
Anyway, I need to communicate with a bunch of other Autistic adults online before bedtime @ ~ 1:00 AM.

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