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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#100

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Feeling frustrated...
Social commitment plans for tomorrow (Saturday) got changed at the last minute by my younger brother.
Have to babysit his girlfriend who is running "his" 2nd of 3 town-
allowed "Yard Sales", while he is off at his part-time job at a
"musical instrument making" start-up company in Chester, NH.
Anyway, I am now personally out $15.00 which I pre-paid to attend this year's Asperger's Association of New England Annual Barbecue Picnic for Asperger's/Autism Adults tomorrow afternoon. I also have a very important Autistic Self Advocacy Network Meeting from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM tomorrow "after" the AANE Barbecue Picnic.
I am guessing, that my younger brother is going to have his 3rd
and final of 3 town-allowed yard sales on July 12, which is the day of the 2014 Asperger's Association of New England Day-Long Meet-Up/Conference for Asperger's/Autism Adults. If so, then, I will personally be out another $110.00.
Like it or not, my younger brother's "planning" always destroys my own plans as a fucking "Autistic Mental Retard".
This is "100% Normal" for me.
My "social needs", and disability rights activism simply "do not mean shit" to my younger non-disabled brother as I see it.
Now engaging in mute autistic "self-abuse hitting"...


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