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Diaper Update and My Fantasy (Wish It Was Real) pt 2

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I went and stood in the corner as she instructed me to do. I started making a serious effort to go yukee-poo. I could fee the yukee-poo making its way into my diaper. I kept thrusting and forcing it to go further. I couldn't believe how much poop a person can have. Finally, I felt the remaining yukee-poo being expelled from my bowels. I waited for my wife to come ask me if I was finished. I told her yes and she instructed me to go to the kitchen and sit down at the kitchen table. I did as she told me to do. As I sat down I could feel the massive amount of yukee-poo being compressed against my buttocks and then spread to the rear and front of my diaper. My wife then told me to move back and forth on my chair. I did as she instructed me to do. As I moved forward and then backwards the yukee-poo began to act as a greasy lubricant between my bottom and my diaper, causing me to slide back and forth in my diaper. As strange as if felt, it really felt good. My wife knew what was happening and knew that deep down inside, I was enjoying every minute of it. She then instructed me to go to my bedroom and remove my pants and lay down on the bed. She the entered the room and sat down next to me and began baby talking to me, calling me her big baby and telling me how I belong in diapers. She told me that all men are just big babies and should be kept in diapers. As she baby talked to me she rubbed the front of my diaper in the area where my pitiful little excuse for manhood is located, until I became aroused and exploded in a climax into my diaper. She knows that the greatest climaxes I have ever experienced in my life has been while wearing diapers. She tells me outright that she wants me addicted to diapers like a drug addict is addicted to their drugs. She wants me so addicted to my diapers that if she were to take them away I would do anything she says in order for her to return them to me.

Next she told me to go to the bathroom and remove and dispose of my soiled diaper, then clean up, and when ready let her know and she will help me put on a fresh diaper, and then give me my bedtime bottle of warm milk. I drifted off to sleep while sucking on my bottle of milk. The next morning we began our daily ritual again.

This morning when I put this diaper on I put one booster in it. It has done quite well until just recently when it began leaking. If I stand up I have two very wet spots on my legs located where the leg bands of my plastic pants would be. Considering the fact I've been wearing this diaper since 6:00 am this morning and it is now shortly after midnight, I think that's pretty good, as that makes it 18 hours. I think it's time to wrap this up, and get cleaned up and put my bedtime diaper on and hit the sack.

Take care.

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