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Diaper Update and My Fantasy (Wish it was real) pt 1

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This is the first time I have had the opportunity to spend so much time in diapers. Normally I only get to wear for a few hours at a time before I have to hide them and put my big boy undies back on.

I was going to get the opportunity Monday morning to spend several days alone as the wife was going to be gone for a few days. I wasn't sure what I was going to do after she left. My choices were to wear diapers which I really wanted to do or put on a pretty dress and get real feminine for the next few days. I was really torn between the two and didn't know which way I would ultimately decide. I finally decided that I would start out diapered since I don't get the opportunity to do that very often anymore.

I dug out my diapers and plastic pants, baby oil, baby powder, and Desitin, and prepared to put myself in diapers. It had been awhile since I had the opportunity to wear and it really felt good to put them on. I loved hearing the crinkle of the diaper and the plastic pants as I walked. I loved feeling the additional bulk between my legs also. I couldn't wait for the need to pee as it had been so long since I had worn a wet diaper. It didn't take long before I felt the need to pee so I relaxed and let it start to flow. I know from experience that when wearing diapers you need to moderate the flow of urine so that you don't flood your diaper or you will experience leaks. That's why I wear plastic pants along with my disposable diapers to help prevent telltale leaks. Also when I wear disposable diapers I like to wear them until they absolutely need to be changed. I hate having to peel off a diaper that has not reached it's full capacity. I think that it's the cost factor that makes me feel that way. I want to get my money's worth out of my diapers.

Shortly after I had diapered myself I decided I might try and see if I could stay diapered the entire time my wife was gone. I wasn't certain I could do it as I really enjoy my feminine side too. I also knew that if I mess my diaper I will usually develop negative feelings about wearing diapers sometime during the cleanup or shortly thereafter. I decided to go for it and see if I could spend the next several days wearing just diapers.

I put on my first diaper Monday morning and stayed diapered until Tuesday evening when a friend called and said he would be stopping by. I hurry up and changed out of my diapers, grabbed a quick shower and put on my regular big boy undies and a pair of jeans and t-shirt. He called later and said he wasn't able to make it by after all. I decided to sleep in my big boy undies Tuesday night.

When I woke up Wednesday morning I was disgusted with myself for not putting myself back into diapers before going to bed Tuesday night. I immediately put myself back into diapers Wednesday morning vowing that I would remain diapered until my wife returned. I also vowed that I would use my diapers for their intended purpose which would be to pee and poop in them just like a baby.

When I wear diapers I try to pee and poop like I think a baby experiences it. When the need arises I just let it go. I don't try and force it and I don't try and refrain from going either. I experience what many people who wear diapers report experiencing when they are wearing. That is almost a constant need to pee. Maybe that is because I don't release it in one big release like you would standing at a urinal, but rather just allow it to more or less flow in a constant dribble. I love the feeling of warm pee filling my diaper. I really try to just let it flow without any part on my behalf to help or restrain it from doing so.

I know that when I am diapered and out running errands such as shopping at the hardware store, or the grocery store, or at the mall, I can actually get to where I am almost incognizant of the fact I am wetting my diaper. I have experienced times where suddenly I realize that I have been wetting my diaper and either didn't, or barely realized it. My fantasy would be to get to where I wet without ever being aware of it.

I don't know if it's reasonable or not, but when I'm wearing diapers I like to set a schedule that would be similar to what I can imagine it would be if my wife were in control of my potty privileges and controlled when and where I wear diapers and how often I get to change them. With the price of a quality diaper being what it is, I would hope that 3 diaper changes a day would be the norm. It would be understandable and acceptable if the need for 4 diaper changes occurred occasionally. The absolute maximum number of diaper changes would be limited to 5 in special situations such as a bad case of diarrhea, etc.

In my fantasy, I would not be permitted to change my diaper without my wife's explicit permission. I must not say or do anything, or give any kind of hint, verbally or visually that indicates to her that I have wet or soiled my diaper. I must wait for her to perform a diaper check and decide when and where I can change into a fresh diaper. If asked about the status of my diaper, I am expected to be honest with her and tell her if it's wet, messy, or both. I would be expected to perform my own diaper changes, any related cleanup, and disposal of soiled diapers and/or clothing. She may assist me with my diaper if she so desires. I may never enter a bathroom or restroom without her prior knowledge or permission.

As my wife starts her day rather early my first diaper change of the day would be in the morning before she leaves for work at 6:00 am. This diaper would have to last me until nearly 5:30 pm in the evening. My next diaper change would occur somewhere between 8:00 - 10:00 pm just before my bedtime. She would then help me put on my nightgown and then tuck me in, give me a goodnight kiss and a warm bottle of milk to drink in order to help me fall asleep.

That schedule requires 4 diapers a day. With the cost of disposable diapers being what they are I would hope that we could get by on 3 diapers a day. Normally with the degree of wetting I do, it is nearly impossible to make my daytime diaper last much longer than it does. I'm wearing what I believe is to be the best diaper I can get a hold of, which is the ABENA Abri-Form M4 diaper. After 10 or 11 hours it has reached its limit.

The last time I ordered this diaper I also ordered some booster pads. I tried the booster pads for the first time the other day. I wanted to see if I could spend from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm in the same diaper. I put 2 booster pads in my diaper that morning. I don't remember having to go yukee-poo Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday I could feel a slight hint that I might need to go yukee-poo sometime during the day. There were a couple of times I thought that it might happen, but it didn't. Wednesday was pretty much the same thing so I decided that I really needed to help things along.

I fantasized that when my wife (mommie) got home from work Wednesday evening and discovered that I had not gone yukee-poo that she decided that special measures were needed. Normally Wednesday evenings are the evenings that I am permitted to play my Xbox. Before I got to play my Xbox Wednesday evening my wife told me that if I don't have a yukee-poo, she would have to take special measures. That could be anything from being given a laxative or suppository, or enema. and could even include a good old fashioned over the knee spanking with a wooden paddle. She told me it would be in my best interest to go yukee poo during my playtime on my Xbox.

I was really constipated. I knew it was in my best interest both health wise and for disciplinary measures that I really try and go yukee-poo. I started trying to urge my bowels to go yukee-poo. Now and then I would make an effort and could feel some progress. Finally I felt the yukee-poo began to make way into my diaper. Due to the firmness of the yukee-poo I was not able to make much progress. Finally my time on the Xbox expired, so I shut it off and reported to my wife. She ask me if I had gone yukee-poo yet. I told her I had started but was not finished. She instructed me to go stand in the corner and face the wall and stay there until I had completely finished going yukee-poo. She told me to make sure that I was finished before reporting back to her because she did not want to deal with two messy diapers in a row.


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