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Still Diapered and Loving It

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I didn't want too! I hadn't planned on it! I had to take a break from being diapered. A friend called last night and said they were stopping by. My diaper was soaked but I wanted to make it to about 10pm before I changed in to my nighttime diaper. I really didn't want to risk them discovering I wear diapers so I quickly removed my diapers, grabbed a quick shower, hid all the baby items such as baby powder, baby oil, Desitin, and of course the package of diapers that were on the bedroom floor. After I got all ready my friend called and said they wouldn't be able to make it over after all.

I was tired and didn't feel like going through the process of getting diapered again so I put on a pair of panties and my nightgown and went to bed. When I got up this morning I was feeling ready to continue with wear diapers, so I dug out everything and proceeded to put myself back in diapers.

I decided that I wanted to make this diaper last at least 10-11 hours so I put a couple of boosters in my diaper also. I am trying to set a schedule that would be in effect if my wife were the one diapering me. She would have to put me in my daytime diaper at around 5:30. I wouldn't be able to change out of that diaper until she returned home nearly 12 hours later. Then I would be changed into my evening diaper which would be changed around 10pm. I'm hoping using a booster will keep the number of diapers I need each day at 3. In my fantasy I would not be permitted to remove or change my diaper by myself. My wife would have to be present and give me permission to do so. She would have absolute authority over me and would control access to the bathroom and when and where I can change my diapers. She would decide on what days I must wear diapers and what days I am permitted to wear panties. When wearing panties I must ask for her permission to use the potty. She would make certain that I sit to urinate and also inspect my panties to make sure I haven't wet or soiled them. If there is evidence that I didn't request permission to use the potty in time and I have wet or left skid marks in my panties, she would have the option of returning me to diapers for the rest of the day and that night.

I also put my CB-3000 cage back on this morning. I find it amazing that I barely notice that I'm wearing it. I would definitely want that to be part of her ritual we would have in her controlling me. I used to wonder how anyone could stand to be locked up. Now I understand and love the feeling it gives me. I wish my wife would take part but I know that will never be. I will have lived and died never knowing the ecstasy that being treated this way would bring me. I am so tired of living in the closet and also living a lie. I wish I were free to be the person I really am; to do and wear what I like to wear...not what everyone else tells me I have to wear.

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