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I keep forgetting that normal is just a standard. That I have a bad habit of comparing myself to normal. That who I am isn't normal. On the chat today I was amazed. Like it felt awesome to finally talk to someone who likes diapers and stuff. The irony is that I can say the darn word anytime but I cant say it to myself. I can't like I get so choked up. But to hear you guys voices even if its about computers or I am playing Pokémon you guys are real and have your own lives even though I cant see your faces. That is powerful like if I wasn't so tired I would kinda be crying.

For a long time I was afraid of this side. I wanted no part of it. But now I am not afraid. Just slightly intimidated. This year has been filled with changes. And also I realize that I am not alone. And it makes me happy.
So usually on tumblr when I make a longish post I always sign off.

Stay padded
Stay pacid
Stay you
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