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The Misadventures of an Adult Little~

Am I still a little?

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I was just wondering because I saw someone mention somewhere, i won't say names, that if you don't regress... you can't really consider yourself AB or a little. I identify most with being a little because I act well... little. I don't regress to a little state or anything of that nature at all. It's mostly because of disability reasons and stuff like that.

It just got me thinking and wondering if I really am a little or not. D: I mean I feel like I can adjust will to my little side a lot, yet I don't really have any need to regress in order to feel little. I just... am.


  1. Fullmetallittle's Avatar
    Then you are a Little,
    There is no criteria really. You are who you are and that what makes you little.
  2. SnowBlitz's Avatar
    You are a little then!

    There's nothing that says you have to regress to be Little.
  3. selv14's Avatar
    You are who you choose to be. It is a state of mind which you put yourself into, and nobody can stop you from who you want to be. Just because you don't regress doesn't mean you aren't Little. It like saying an AB isn't one because he/she doesn't wear diapers. Don't let anyone tell you what you cannot be, Little!
  4. tai's Avatar
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