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Moving updates: Set back

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After my doctors appointment (it went well) I started looking for apartments. So far no good, I may have to wait another month before I can leave at this rate.

Updated 21-Jun-2014 at 21:10 by KryanAshford



  1. oleman72's Avatar
    Glad to hear the good news from the Drs. app. Hope you can get some luck in your apt. search.
  2. Starrunner's Avatar
    It always takes time to find a place that's right for you. Don't rush into it. Talk to people you know and let them know you're looking. Word of mouth and having contacts can often give you leads that you won't find on the internet. Also check out grocery stores, community centres or anyplace where people can post or advertise. There could be some apartments for rent listed in those places. Internet sites like Kijiji and Craigslist get a lot of apartment listings since they're free.

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