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Study shows animals more relaxed on weekends and holidays.

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I am reading a book on how to make laboratory animals life better.

There was a lot of interesting stuff that they discuss in this book. But the last chapter I read, near the end, talked about a incidental study someone did because they noticed that the telemetry data that they had collected over several years showed that the animals were mush more relaxed on weekends and holidays.

Well Duh Ralph!!! I could have told them that. I got more done on weekends and holidays because I could tell the crew what needed to be done, they knew what needed to be done, and they knew they could get it done in the time expected because "THERE WAS NO SUPERVISORS"!!!!!

Gee, if you are not getting interrupted every 5 minutes to drop what you are doing because "X" has to be done NOW! Only to find out that it was what really was up was the supervisor wanted to have X done so they could set up a hidden smoking spot. Or get called to have person Y sent to do this. The only thing was that if the supervisor would read his own wonderful staffing board he would have seen that Y is not due back from vacation for another 3 days.

So yes the staff is more relaxed because there is now supervisors and the animals are not being disturbed because the staff is getting in taking care of there needs and then getting out so they can play with there stuff, eat, or do what ever they do when they are with there own kind.


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    I should add it is not just management that is frustrating. It is also people that need to learn that proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance, along with your lack of planning does not constitute my emergency. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.