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Am I a commitment-phobe?

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Recently I have been contemplating my fear of commitment. Perhaps it is simply a disstrust in entering any type of contract in general.

In my early teens I was easily duped into signing contracts, ledgers, or agreements. I was taken by silver-tongued-fast-talkers. I was gullible and trusting. Through a few bad choices that cost me much grief as a young adult I have become cynical and untrusting of any type of contract or binding agreement. I was left feeling stupid and used in hindsight of each one.

Now, I am ultra-cautious in signing anything. I read the small print. I over reserach. I am wary of warranties, usage fees, excise taxes, early-termination fees, service charges, system charges, convenience fees, adjustments, franchise fees and arbitrational regulatory fees.

I am left only trusting pre-paid services when I can opt for it. Long gone are the days that I would subscribe to anything including cable, satellite t.v., cell phone contracts, magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, internet service, warranties of any sort, service plans, or exteded maintenence plans.

This includes anything larger such as a marriage or home mortgage. When I financed my car I had nightmares for many weeks that I had sold my soul to a financier. Buyers remorse hung around for at least that long as well.

Insuring anything for monetary value is a joke. The cost spent over a lifetime far outwieghs the value it covers. There is a reason that insurance agencies are multi-billion dollar corporations.

Perhaps I have seen and experienced too many rip-offs and slick tactics to be comfortable with the intentions of the provider. Maybe this fear lies in the failures of resolve in disputes that I have witnessed.

The agreer today is certainly at a dissadvatage with the wording and small details of any contract or agreement today. Such litigation clogs civil courtrooms everywhere. Probably for good reason: dead-beat borrowers.

Buyer beware?

This term is certainly true. I have slowly learned to trust a few online sources but I often feel that I spend too much time verifying a new site.

So, maybe the culmination of bad experiences and the mounting feeling of being duped and misled equals a growing need to calculate who and what you are dealing with.

Just sign here and try to enjoy your life while we milk every cent we can possibly squeeze out of you while adhering to the wording in the small print below.

Oops we meant... sucker?....
You have certainly earned a cherry flavored one by lawfully committing to this contract!

Uhg! I'm off to live in the woods!

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