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How I fell in love with the abena x plus

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So, since this is my first blog I figured I might as will talk about something we all have in common here, from what I can see by reading my likes are similar to most everyone else on here. when I first began to experience urinary incontinence two years ago I spent a lot of time on here and other sites reading all the reviews I could to try and determine which diaper would be the right one for me. when I went to the medical supply stores they all told me the same thing, "you don't need a tape on brief, you need a pull-up diaper." I knew that that style of diaper was not absorbent enough for what I was dealing with, the next thing they tried to sell me when I did finally convinced them that I needed a tape on diaper was the cloth like versions. from what I had read I knew that this wasn't right either, so finally I stopped asking for advice and just told them what I wanted. The first plastic back adult diaper that I tried was the Moliecare super plus, I like these a lot, I could get 6 to 7 hours use out of them and no leaks. The only thing I didn't like about them was their lack of odor control, using them as a nighttime diaper usually caused quite a bit of smell in the morning. I figured this was due to my urine being concentrated from lack of water. The next diaper I tried after that was the tranquility ATN which is a good diaper but was not heavy enough for my needs although, I don't think it's a bad diaper it's not what I need. The next diaper I tried was the cloth back version of the Abena x plus, the absorbency was good my problem with them was the lack of oader control and the fact that they sag terribly. Finally I tried the plastic back version, I absolutely love it and would never switch. Hopefully they don't ever stop making it. If I ever do have to switch I would go to the Moliecare super plus.
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