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The life of Snivy

AB Transformation?

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Ok so I apparently threw on an M4 after I got home from school and got the sudden urge to act like a baby...kinda weird because I just wear them for the hell of it but I would of never expected this. I guess I might as well accept I have some weird desire to be an adult baby for awhile? O_o I'm so confused. I want to buy some pacifiers from Walmart which is extremely weird of me but I guess that's a phase I'll go through for awhile? That's not the only thing I also want to buy a stuffed animal and I keep having thoughts/day dreams of sleeping/cuddling with an animal and pass out onto my bed nothing but a M shirt and a diaper on. (I wear XL shirts)

I go through one M4 almost a day because of my short day and now I have a huge urge to wear one everyday despite the risk of being home with my mom. I want to buy 3 packs of 14's and somehow store them but I have no clue where with my mom snooping sometimes in my bedroom without notice. Hopefully when I get a car I'll store them into the trunk of my car. I don't know exactly what's happening to me but I feel at peace doing this I only throw one on for stress-related reasons not it's an everyday issue and I try to fight it. Ugh -_- I hope I can arrange this mess soon...


  1. ClandestineWing's Avatar
    Seems like you just found regression, and a strong fondness of it. Just don't take unnecessary risks. Maintaining self-control can do wonders; I should know.
  2. AuraBlaze's Avatar
    For hiding diapers, find a place where something your parents have no reason to dig through is stored, and bury the diapers under that thing. For example, my diapers are hidden under my stuffed animals that I haven't used in years, which are in a wooden toybox that my printer sits on top of. In order to find my stash, my printer would need to be moved, and my toybox emptied, both of which my parents have no reason to do. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.