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Pressure for Diapers and Possible Therapy

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I recently for the past several weeks have been feeling the pressure to buy more diapers. In May, I did a counting of my stash and realized my numbers were getting low. I'm afraid of going through my first purge without diapers. To give an example of how much it is affecting me, I will tell the story that happened to me last Friday:

I was out grocery shopping to help my grandma with my mom in the morning. When I went with my grandma into the soap aisle. The back wall behind us had all different baby diapers brands. I started getting anxious when I turned the corner to walk into the aisle and I think my heart skipped a beat. I felt the entire time we were in the aisle that those baby diapers behind us were staring straight at me. I was happy when we were done there.

I am usually fine being around diapers with family around. I have never experienced that ever. Maybe a little, but never with this amount of pressure or to the point where I thought the diaper packages were staring at me from behind.

I am also thinking about getting a prepaid credit card and buying my next diapers online, but I'm not doing it in the summer. It is too risky.

As for the part about therapy, I am feeling the need to let out some feelings recently. Mainly dealing with my sexuality. Other than those that know me on forums like ADISC or online friends with me know about my sexuality. No one in my real life knows about it. Neither my family or friends. Whenever the topic of relationships or anything else relating to it comes up, I feel like I need to put a mask on and pretend I am still 100% straight. Maybe also some AB/DL feelings and being a brony too. I do already go to a psychiatrist at least twice a year. I mainly go to him to talk about how things are going with school, my life and my ADD. I don't let my feelings out enough and I feel like I have it all bottled up. The main question about this is should I talk to him about these things, someone who already knows me or should I go to someone different to talk about these things with, who doesn't know me at all?

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