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Shelley part 1

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I have mentioned in previous blogs and forum posts some stories involving my neighbour Shelley, and how she helped shape my future self.

This is the true story of our first meeting.

I was 12 years old when the new family moved in across the street. I noticed a couple of girls, one about my age and one older.

I was riding my bike up and down the footpath trying to see the girl on the trampoline in the backyard. She noticed me, invited me into the yard and introduced herself as Shelley. She was 11, and it turned out she went to my school, but was 2 grades behind me. She looked familiar, and I realised that I had seen her at school.

We hit it off, and I started bouncing on the trampoline with her. We were bouncing faster and faster, trying to make each other fall over. Soon it happened, and we both fell over laughing.

As the giggling subsided, we sat facing each other. She was laughing, put her hand between her legs and remarked "Oh that was funny, I think I wet myself!" She gave a little squeeze and said "I did! I wet my pants!"

Shelley was wearing tight stretch corduroy type jeans in a very dark navy blue colour. I immediately checked, but couldn't see any "damage."

"No you didn't! If you did, you would be able to see it!" Came my response.

"You can see it! Look here...."

She then started tracing the wet patch with her finger, like she was proudly showing it off or something. "See. It starts here, goes around here, and all the way up here" she explained as she traced the outline for me!

I was dumbfounded. I had been a bed wetter until only a few months beforehand, but hadn't wet my pants (accidentally!) for some time. I mean kids our age just don't pee their pants!

Little did I know then that my last genuine childhood accident was still in front of me. But that's another story I will tell later........

So I'm in shock. Shelleys sitting their with her legs spread in a pair of very wet jeans, and she's laughing about it like is no big deal! It is a big deal. To me at least.

"Wha what wet yourself??!"

"Yeah. A bit."

"Do you want me to leave? I mean what happens now? Are you gonna get in trouble? What's your mum gonna say? Are you going to change?" I was stammering.

She calmly replied " I won't be in trouble cos it was just an accident. Don't leave yet, it's not dark yet, and I don't have to go in till it gets dark. I'm not gonna change, cos if I go in now I won't be allowed back out! It's really no big deal, it happens sometimes."

"Sometimes?" I asked.

And the conversation switches to stories about wet pants, with both of us swapping tales. I told her about being a bed wetter until recently, and wearing nappies to bed. She told me about wetting her pants at school.

Soon afterwards it was getting dark, and Shelleys mum came out and called her in. As I'm walking out the driveway I heard her tell her mother "I wet myself on the trampoline again mummy!"

"Don't worry about it. You're having a bath tonight." Came the reply.

This was the start of my adolescent wetting experiences, and I shared many more deliberate and accidental incidents with her in the coming years.

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