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Who is an older "little?"

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Are there many readers out there whose "little" side is older than a baby or toddler?

I am not an "Adult Baby" in the true sense of the word, but rather an "Adult Child." When I regress, I always picture myself in the 6-12 year age bracket.

But first the necessary caveat applies. I am in no way, shape or form interested in children. Even typing that in a sentence bothers me. I do not think about or consider children in my daydreams at all.

Except for myself.

As a child, I wore protection for bed wetting up to age 12, and even had occasional wet accidents up until then. I don't think I had an extremely large amount of accidents, but I can remember every single one. When I did wet, I was not ever punished for it, except for a minor scolding occasionally, and was even told on occasion to just "go" in my pants or diaper.

I had a cousin, Jenny, who was a year younger than me and who was a protection-wearing bed wetter as well, and who frequently wet her pants (not always accidentally) during the day.

When I was 11, a new family moved in across the street with a 10 year old girl named Shelley. The first day I met Shelley she wet her pants while we were playing, and while she never wet her bed, daytime accidents occurred, although not frequently. A bit like me.

As Shelley and I grew up, we loved talking about wetting. We discussed all of our accidents, and I told her all about wearing nappies to bed. When we would play under the hose or in the pool we would wet our swimsuits in front of each other. There was even a couple of times when Jenny would be visiting and Shelley would come over. The 3 of us would indulge in peeing stories and/or scenarios in the backyard.

So I guess that all of these things combined have made my ideal regressive age a bit older than most. I don't have a great desire to be treated as a baby, but I yearn for the childhood experience of wearing a nappy to bed, and using it. Of peeing in my pants by accident and not getting punished. Of playing games with my friends and all of us just peeing in our bathing suits as we played. I miss when we would actually pee in our pants, not swimsuits, as we played school, then have to avoid our parents until we dried off.

A lot of people want a Mummy or Daddy to nurture there little side.

I want a playmate.


  1. CrinklySiren's Avatar
    Depends on what you consider older. To some; being 2 years old is toddler-age, to others its still baby age.

    I guess i'd consider myself somewhere in between toddler and baby. My little is about 1 and a half, I dont particularly like onesies or anything TOO babyish or "newborn". I like little girl dresses, tights, shortalls, cute tee shirts, etc. So I guess you can say I'm more of Toddler-age little. I much prefer a toddler bed to a crib ( I have a wooden twin size bed with disney princess covers on it ), and I prefer to have plushies and building blocks as opposed to learning toys and those rubber rings.

    I am familiar with you in a few ways, though i never had that much experience with wetting, i was the only bed wetter I knew and i wet the bed up until around 12 so i wore diapers and pull ups in that time. Though while i love having a playmates, I would still like and enjoy the company of daddy's mommys or big sisters/brothers.

    also; that necessary caveat is actually quite unnecessary, as you are in a community among many others like you, in a community that involves NO connection to children whatsoever... so its a misconception we are all aware of and we are all opposed to. No need to reassure anyone here that you are not a pedophile lol we know <3
  2. soggyboy's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. I am interested in what age group people regress to. Dunno why, maybe I'm just trying to justify myself for some reason. Probably the same reasoning that made me feel like I had to put the caveat in. I should realise that on here we are all connected in some way.
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