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Permission to pee my pants

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As a child, I wore a swimsuit quite often during summer. We had an above ground pool, and a Slip-N-Slide, plus I was the type of kid who always wanted to play with the hose.

If I was outside and wet, I was encouraged to pee outside behind the bushes in our backyard, rather than try to dry off and/or wash my muddy feet off just to come into the house.

Even from a youngish age, probably 4 or 5, I would get out of the pool, go behind the bushes, and just let go in my speedo style bathing suit! I just loved the feeling.

I think my parents must have known, as even if I was just wet and not muddy, mum would hose me down before I would dry off. It was just never talked about.

Until one day when I was 7.......

We had a small tree removed, and where it had been was now a bare patch of earth with a slight depression in it. When water was added, it would turn into gloriously slimy mud that was just the greatest thing to play with your toy cars in.

I was allowed to play in the mud, as long as I would hose off afterwards, before either going inside or into the pool. I even had my "mud clothes," old clothes or undies that didn't matter.

So I got permission to play in the mud on this particular day. Mum got me some mud-clothes, which were an older pair of thick blue towelling shorts,kind of like you would put over a nappy, and made from similar fabric. I wore no undies under them, and wore a grey T-shirt on top.

I filled a bucket with water, poured it into the hole, and used my hands and feet to make mud. As I played, I started to smear the mud all over my arms and legs. I don't know why exactly, but I guess it was just nice to know I could get as dirty as I wanted too and it didn't matter a bit. Soon I was coated with mud.

After a while I was getting an urge to pee. Now I could have just gone behind the bushes, but my shorts were still dry, and I was planning on doing a wee in them when I hosed off.

Now even at 7, I still had the occasional wet accident. Not frequently, but certainly not unheard of. I was soon aware that my need was strong, and I washed the mud off my hands, dried them on my shirt, and held myself with my hand for a while. I was determined to wet myself under the hose like I normally did, and tried to hold on as long as possible.

Soon it was to much. I figured I better get that hose on before it was to late. When I stood up, the urge intensified even more, and with my left hand clasped tightly to my shorts, I started waddling towards the hose.

Then I trod on the stick.

It went into my right foot, just under the toes, and man it hurt! I called out to mum, and she soon appeared to see what all the fuss was about. When she came out I was crying, standing on one foot, legs crossed, and nearly all my bare skin was covered in mud.

She calmed me down, and sat me on a plastic garden chair. She went inside and came back with a bucket of warm soapy water and a wash cloth. She put my foot in the warm water, cleaned it and started to inspect the damage. When my foot was in the water I nearly peed right then. Only by holding on with my hand did I control it. As she was getting the splinter out, I was squirming around like a lunatic.

"For Gods sake sit still will you. I'm trying to get this out" she reprimanded.

"I really need a wee mum" I replied. "I'm gonna wet myself!"

"Well just do it and stop wiggling" came the reply. " You have to hose off anyway and you're not coming inside like that!"

" I don't want to have an accident!" Was my answer.

"It's not an accident, you're not in trouble, and it's no different from weeing in your pants under the hose!"

This was a shock. I didn't know that mum knew I did that!

But I managed to hold on until she had finished. She told me to stay seated for a moment while she went inside. When she came back, she had one of my socks, which she put on my sore foot. She explained that there was a small cut there, and a band aid wouldn't work. "It might help to keep the dirt out while you hose off" was the explanation. " I'll run you a bath."

Now I had calmed down, I wanted to stay outside, and begged for permission to play a bit longer. She agreed, then added "Hurry up and do a wee, you look like your bursting" as she turned to go back inside.

I took my hand of my crotch, and immediately a small wet spot appeared. "Well, she said I could" I thought. So I pushed a little and let go.

I sat on the chair and flooded my shorts. Pee was dripping off the back of the seat and formed a big puddle on the cement. When I finished, I surveyed the damage. Surprisingly, while I was soaked between the legs, and my butt was dripping, the front of my shorts were still dry, except for the initial egg shaped spot where I had been holding it. I guess because I had no underpants on, and because I was sitting down, the damage was confined to the back.

I had stood up, and was checking it out when mum returned to get some washing off the line. As she approached from behind, she could see the pee dripping from the seat of my pants, as well as the wet patch on the concrete and the puddle on the chair.

She tipped the chair up to empty it, moved it near the hose and said " Hose this off when you wash off please." And that was all! "I'm going to run your bath in half an hour, then your coming inside for a wash."

This was cool!

Now I was standing up, I could feel some undelivered wee still there, so I let that go too. Now the front of my blue towelling shorts was dark like the back. I spent the rest of my time trying to pee myself as much as possible.

Over the next half hour, mum came back outside a couple of times and could see the state of my clothes. Even my legs, which had been brown with mud now had lots of clean stripes where the wee had run down. My one sock was drenched, and I left a footprint behind me as I walked.

Eventually mum returned. My bath was ready and was going inside now like it or not. She turned the hose on, rinsed the chair off, and then me, paying particular attention to my shorts and legs. I then stripped naked in the backyard, and used the towel she had bought out for me.

I went for my bath and she took my clothes to the laundry.

Strange as it might seem, I do not recall us ever talking about it after that. But from that day onwards, I would just pee myself if I was playing outside involving being wet.

Even as I got older this continued, and I really liked going in my pants before I had gotten wet. But I became much more careful and would only do it when I was alone.

I still like to this now, when at the beach!

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