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been a dl is lonely

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realy even if your in a relationship or have a billion friends as a dl i dont think ill ever be happy truly till i find a fellow dl to share my life with anyone ever feel the same


  1. Cottontail's Avatar
    I don't know. I think that, quite often, this is just the old psychology of "you want what you can't have." But it depends on the individual, of course. Still, if you think about it: Even setting aside your affection for diapers, there are probably loads of things you do that you don't share with your in-person friends or else don't have in common with them. That's certainly true for me. I have a plethora of geeky hobbies that I share primarily with others online. If I was told that I *couldn't* share those hobbies with the friends I meet face-to-face, well... I'd probably feel some oppression, even if, practically speaking, it wasn't going to change my behavior at all.

    We know DL is uncommon and "taboo" to some extent, so we get hung up on it. Personally, although I can see being able to speak freely about diapers as a convenience, I definitely wouldn't promote it as the axis of a durable friendship. Again, it depends very much on the individual, but for me it works like this: I use diapers mainly as an accessory to masturbation. And I can't see initiating a friendship with somebody that's rooted in how I masturbate. I need the core of a friendship to be a lot more than that. You probably do also.

    My advice will always be to develop deep friendships based on the many other things that make you who you are. With that as a foundation, diapers may seem incidental and harmless. I have several friends who I've had since I was in the second and third grades -- 30 years ago! If a conversation about fetishes ever arose, I don't think I'd hesitate to talk about diapers. They'd be amused, and they might not understand, but they'd still accept me. That's the kind of friend I'm after.

    All IMO, of course.
  2. bashfuldlguy's Avatar
    Cottontail, you're a very insightful person. Thanks for existing!
    blackwaltz, I totally feel your pain. Really. I really do.
    Let's try to figure this one out--'lonely' is a very huge problem for many in society.
    Added to that, we're DLs!
    That has to be the biggest 'double-whammy' I can think of. Agree?
    As a result of this fact, all we have working for us is Hope.
    Good luck to you, friend. Remain Hopeful.......
  3. blackwaltz's Avatar
    yes i didnt meen that its the be all and end all but its a secret and would be beautiful shared i have so many wonderful friends and have dated some lovely people but never shared this one thing and bounced from accepting it to feeling embarrassed and ashamed to loveing it to accepting its part of me again

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