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Tormenting my 8yr old should not be this fun!

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So my 8 yr. old son is cursed with a not normal father.

So to give a little back story, I worked for 19+ years in biomedical research and have been trained to work with everything from Zebra fish to great Apes.

So here is the Abbot and Costello routine in the car on the way home form school this afternoon.

Son: Dad?


How do you repair a gorilla?

It depends on the situation.

Son: NO Dad! Its a joke.


So how do you repair a gorilla?

Well first you have to observe the monkey for injuries?

No DAD! Would you answer my question!

I did.

No you did not!

Did you not ask me how to repair a gorilla?

Yes but you did not answer!

Yes I did. I told you the first step in caring for a gorilla!

No Dad. It's A joke! How do you repair a gorilla?

I told you.

Son: NO YOU DID NOT! ITS A JOKE! How do you repair a gorilla?

It depends on the type of injury and how the Veterinarian cares for the injury.

No Dad, its a joke! What tools do you use to repair I gorilla?

Dad: Oh! OK! well that depends on the type of injury and the surgery that will be required to do the repair.

DAD! ITS A JOKE! Would you just answer me question?


Son: How do you repair a gorilla?

That would depend on what's wrong with it?

Son: DAD! ITS A JOKE! YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO SAY I DON"T KNOW and then I say A monkey wrench.

Dad: But I already answered you.

Silence for a moment then.

Son: IT was a joke! I guess I will ask Grandma!

Dad: Why not your mother?

Son: Because she will tell me to ask you , because you worked with monkeys!

Dad: That would not be very helpful.

Son: What?

Dad: Using a monkey wrench. You would have better success using hemostats and forceps!

Son: Dad?


Just drive me home!

IT was just too fun to do that to him.


  1. littlelodgewrecker's Avatar
    i think that one is supposed too ask how?
    and then one is told the punch-line.... at least that is how my kid used to do it, Egor....

    so how did this finely end, we're waiting.
  2. SnowBlitz's Avatar
    That is hilarious Egor!
  3. kerry's Avatar
    sounds like me with my daughter. she usually ends up hitting me.
  4. Blacksmith's Avatar
    My dad would do stuff like that to me as well.
    And then there is the great beard burn, and blowing on the tummy.
  5. Scaramouche's Avatar
    Who's on first?
  6. littlelodgewrecker's Avatar
    your age is showing, Zip.... (soft smile)
    "i don't know....."
  7. Calico's Avatar
    That was hilarious. It just happened he told you the right joke for you to not know because of your career. Then you got back at him with your joke.
  8. FeekaDimension's Avatar
    This is one of those moments that he'll appreciate a lot more when he gets older. Much more advanced than the average "dad jokes"!
  9. ArchieRoni's Avatar
    That story was hilarious. Also, credit to your son for persistence. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.