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I am a huge fan of Nuk. When I was looking for my first baby bottle, I was very over whelmed. I saw so many different brands and names I'd never heard of. I had heard of Gerber and Playtex. I didn't want a odd angled shaped one like Playtex had. I wanted one that to me i've always seen in the RugRats. I wanted the simplest one. It was hard to know what I was looking for. I finally found a bottle that to me looked simple, didn't have a lot of parts, and most importantly, was orthodontic, or so it said. I grabbed one and then looked for a pacifier. same sort of issue. I again looked at the different companies and thought to myself, "huh, this one is for ___ to __ months old, but this one is __ to this __. Which one is best size wise?" I decided to grab a few Nuk ones. I tried them out in my room at college. I liked the bigger one I got. I then went back the next week and bought a few other bottles and Pacifiers, and now I have a whole collection.
When you started out with looking for your first baby things, did you have a similar experience?

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