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Wearing Diapers! Been A While

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I kind of put the diaper thing "on the shelf" for a little while including logging in here and tumblr. I only wore diapers on recent trips to the DFW metroplex for my daughters soccer tournament, so I wouldn't have to stop so much on the way. My bladder and road trips don't get along, especially if I drink coffee before the trip or have anything to drink while driving down the road. I have been wearing the Wellness Superio for that, which fits me well and is not too noisy or bulky under shorts. What is funny about wearing a diaper for road trips though is, I don't have near the urge to go as often as I do when I don't wear a diaper. Go figure! The wife said it's all in my head because of the fear of having to go and not having a place to stop.

The other day though, I wore a diaper for the 1st time in a while, strictly for the pleasure of it! I wore one of the two diapers I have left of the SDK in my stash. It felt very relaxing! Actually I am running pretty low on the Wellness ones too but I save those for trips or public wearing, which isn't often. Although, I am pretty good at hiding those (sdk) under some baggy shorts too. Did that a while back and wife said she couldn't tell until I sat right next to her and she heard the noise but she said only because she is familiar with the sound.

Anyway, since then I have logged into tumblr a lot. lol! And, I find myself thinking about wearing the other SDK I have in my stash. So much for putting or keeping diapers "on the shelf" so to speak. Oh well!

I also ordered a sample pack of the new redesigned Dry 24/7 (Comfidry) diapers to see if I like them now. Kind of pricey but well see how they fit. Should be here in a few days!
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