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The "Little" Feeling -- the 8th blog

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so i recently was having a conversation, and in that conversation discussion about helping someone understand the "Fetish and/or Lifestyle". What ways could one do this?
it was talked about maybe sharing part of this with them. but the question is what about when they don't want to partake.

How do you communicate to some one what it means to be "little"? What it feels like?
personally being little feels fuzzy, like a cloud, and clarity, just different. its definitely different. I have notices merger moments where i feel "little" during adult moments. (like when i see giant boxes and i want to play in the space ship!!!!!) Cute things really grab my attention. like stuffies, I just want all of them. and i want to hug them all.
colors when feeling little are bright and distracting, so distracting, its so weird but its like a brain eraser. ( i think bright colors are a slight trigger)
sillyness, and shy movements (which are things not feelings, but they feel when little)

How do you tell someone that you don't need support in a certain way, but in a completely different way?
I dont know how to do this with out sounding utterly insane to my wife. I mean really every thing i just said, i am sure sounds clinically insane.

I realized today, That my wife has been supportive in her way. which is normal by all standards, but it doesn't register to me as an adult because as an adult I am not looking for that from her. Her feeling sorry for a situation doesn't make sense to me because a situation is what it is. Her being proud of my work doesn't register to me because i do it because its necessary. basically i am a robot adult... beep boop. And she definitely doesn't want to be "mommy" , shes married to a man and shes a woman.

Which comes to the hardest part. The "little" needs to be supported, like a child, bla bla bla. we've all read it. the little is where i need to be shown i am making her proud because that's where i care the most about that. (a penny for every time some one has said this)

When i am feeling little that is where i need the "your doing a good job",and stuff. (and again)
does any one else understand what i am getting at?

this may belong in the regular forum but maybe not. I will be back later to respond, i am leaving town for a day.

so quick recap.
1.What does being Little feel like to you? sensation, smell, sight. does your brain feel different, tiny, fuzzy ? -mine does-
2.If you have done so, how did you explain this to some one else(this may be answered by the first question).
Bonus. words like mommy or care taker/ carer , are scary ... to other people. what is a non aggressive term for some one who just looks after me every once in a while? not baby sitter either. - i don't think i need my wife to be called mommy. although it could be nice, I think i would be able to do with her name. but she doesn't want to be a mommy.

also keep in mind that the audience in question would be a completely vanilla person. i look forward to reading every ones responses. so here's to awesome


  1. tobid03's Avatar
    I guess I'm not as much of a little as you.

    1. I simply have little moments most of the time, like saying something a child would or having the feeling of moving like a child. I basically feel like I stepped into my younger body. Sometimes I like it when people treat me like a kid because it adds to the feeling of being little. Recently, I've had days where I'm little for the entire time due to the breaking of the binge-purge cycle.

    2. I guess number one does it minus the last sentence.
  2. Trevor's Avatar
    This is a tough one for me as an non-regressive ABDL, but there's a little room for comment. I think part of the challenge lies within ourselves in terms of learning to translate good wishes from friends and loved ones into something we can use. As an atheist, I could get annoyed when someone wishes me "Merry Christmas" or even "happy holidays" but I know it's all around better to look past the words and see the sentiment, which is one of good will and spreading positive feelings and I take that for what its worth and respond appropriately. This isn't to discount the value of getting a message that is more tailored to me. Those are great when I get them but I can't rely on everyone knowing just the right thing to say. I think it could make sense to look at support this way as well. Teach those who matter and who will care how far a "What a good boy!" can go but be ready to translate that sentiment when the words themselves aren't there.

    As to words/titles, I've struggled with those myself and I'm part of the community. Caregiving was fine with me and when I was asked if I'd be a daddy, it felt fine. Since then, I've had some difficulty with naming other relationships as they occur. "Uncle" was suggested but not only do creepy uncles get a bad rap, I am a biological uncle and that carries different baggage. Sitter often seemed easiest. For those who aren't looking to fit into that paradigm, it seems even more complicated. We have friends, lovers, and family for closer personal relationships. I think I might try to focus more on the actions themselves, like "caring for" and "helping", since "Vice President in Charge of Snuggling" might be hard to fit on a business card.
  3. sirscience's Avatar
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