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Black Friday List (Steve's 2nd Blog entry)

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I know it's been a bit, but I decided to post here instead of the forum so everyone would come here and read it

You know you overdid it on Black Friday if:

1. You had rented a U-Haul to take to Walmart and/or the mall.

2. There are enough flat screen TV's in your house to start up a small electronics store (even if you are giving all but 2 or 3 away on Christmas).

3. You have not slept from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday night on Thanksgiving your poison coffee or Red Bull?

4. You paid off your Gold Card last week so you could max it out this weekend.

5. You fought over the last Walmart shopping cart.

and for now, last but not least....

6. You ate McDonald's instead of turkey for Thanksgiving dinner because you had to drive to the "big city" and you didn't want to be late for the line at the mall.

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