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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#94

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Been needing to do cleaning around the house. I swept the kitchen floor and washed the dishes. Tomorrow I have to use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the rugs. Being Autistic, I do not like the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, I will have to use ear protection to cut the sound level down by quite a bit to be more "tolerable" for me. I also have to clean the bathtub. I guess my younger brother is "shedding" hominid primate hair. He is going "bald", much later that I have physiologically.

I did go out today to purchase more Lipitor, plus adult diapers and under-pads, plus "food". My American Express Card bill arrived, and I require assistance financially from my younger brother to make the payment. Anyway, I will go to thee bank tomorrow to "prop-up" my chequeing account.

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