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Big Changes For This Little!

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I have finally completed my move! Now I have internet again so I'm back on ADISC, and let me tell you, I missed it.
I also missed not having all my "little" stuff while I was transitioning between residences.
I now live full time with my fiance which means I can order things online and not worrying that he will get them in the mail before me, and I know accidentally leaving my paci out won't be catastrophic should my RA come knocking. Of course, when we have friends over and such I've got it all hidden away neat and discreet, but its nice to just be a little more open (hehe, punny).
So last night after most all the unpacking was done I got to open my box of treasures, that I had marked "Old Projects" so our friends helping us move were none the wiser. I padded up and donned my onesie, and this morning I enjoyed my first day to sleep in since three weeks ago. I just recently felt like getting up and changing, but I'm not feeling so grown up today ... so its pull ups and sippy cups for me, just in case.

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