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ABabyfood recipe!

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Here's a simple to make dish that simulates babyfood while still being tasty and pretty healthy too! I call it ABabyfood becuase it keeps adults in mind. I don't mind the fruity babyfood that is offered, but the vegetable stuff is pretty disgusting... this food can help you get into baby space and is a great breakfast treat!

So, the recipe requires (really rough measurements to taste):
1 Banana
1 of those single serving cups of applesauce (motts fruitsations etc.)
about a handful of fruit chunks (I used fresh pineapple and watermelon chunks, delicious!)
Whatever other fruits you like (I added a handful of dried raisins for yet another flavor!)

Step one: Mash the banana in a bowl to get the right consistency

Step two: Add your applesauce, fruit chunks and anything else you want!

Step three: Mix it all together and enjoy! ( I find it goes down best with a bottle of apple juice!)

So, there we have it, a really simple recipe that takes all of 1 minute to make. It tastes good and you don't feel bad about eating it!



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