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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#90

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I apologize for my weblog entry numbering being "out of sequence" this evening. Being a "Christian" Adult Baby, I did attend church this morning. With my Cerebral Palsy walking not being very good, I really can not navigate the very steep stairs to the rear Choir Loft where my church's A/V Equipment is located. Now 2 young people have "taken over" from elderly church member, DH, and myself to broadcast our church's 10:00 AM Worship Service, which is good. Other than that, I did spend my day here at home all alone by myself. I did make sure that I cleaned out my Guinea Pig friend, "Ernie's" cage. I did also take a long afternoon nap. On television, I did not watch the evening news. Instead, I watched the old Science-Fiction Miniseries, "V", on COMCAST Channel 200 on the old "analog" television in my younger brother's bedroom. The "original" premise of "V", was "Alien Nazis" taking over earth and harvesting us Humans as "food". "V: The Final Battle" was not as good as the first miniseries, "V", because the TV Network Executives at the top "took over the creative writing" from Producer, "Kenneth Johnson", and put in a whole bunch of "wacky" content, which did not make any sense with respect to the premise of "fighting back" against "Extraterrestrial Nazis" who have seized control over the Earth.

The "remake" of "V", produced several years ago really "sucked".

If I were to remake "V", I would have the "Visitors" committing slaughters of Humans, via "Roving Death Squads", ect., plus showing the "Visitors" roasting Humans alive and "eating them", ect. Of course, there would be "The Resistance", outnumbered, outgunned, and constantly on the move to avoid being "exterminated" by the "Visitors".

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