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Morning Horror

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*takes deep breath*

Okay... I am going to relive this once more to tell it:

Mother's Day morning/ 9am. I am abrubtly awaken by my own spasm at swatting the side of my head.

I find myself on my knees on top of the bed. I am on high alert now and confused as to what just happened.

"Am I dreaming?"

"Why am I staring wild-eyed?"

"Why did I just swat the side of my head so violently for?"

All of this just taking place in just a couple seconds. My mind is racing and trying to gain cognition of what just happened.

As I am quickly becoming aware of what position I am now in and how quickly it all happened, I now am realizing that I swatted at 'something' that disturbed my sleep.

"Was something on my head?"

I now feel the tickle that prompted the violent reaction. My senses become overly heightened. My heart racing.

Without a moments notice I start scanning my surroundings. What I saw when I glance onto the floor next to the bed sent the biggest wave of horror over my entire body.

On the floor I spotted a dark strip about 4 inches long sliding over the carpet in the direction away from me. Every part of my skin was crawling!

A centipede!

It had been crawling across my ear!

Horrified, I jumped up to defend my domain. I ran and grabbed a tissue (the only thing I could think of at such a time) and ran back into the room to exact revenge against this invasive creature.

"Where is it?"

I located the little bastard and reached down, tissue in hand, and squashed it between my fingers for a nano-second and dropped the tissue. I found my flashlight and made sure at a second bombardment of tissue sqishing that the prehistoric creature was dead.

My skin crawled for the rest of the day and even now, a few days later, causes me to inspect every nook and cranny in my bedroom before lying down. Even as the hours pass at night I am still waking up and brushing every spot that my imagination triggers.

I am sure that I will get over the shock and horror of it in the coming weeks. Living in the desert I have certainly dealt with nocturnal insects before but never in this capacity. I now feel bad that I didn't give the unintending creature a chance. I wish I had scooped it up and released it in the empty lot next to my building.

As I have seen them as a child while playing in the desert, I knew little about them. Research quelled my fears that I am likely to see another one again. They are shy and solitary and prefer to burrow low in organic material or earth that supports thier needs for food and moisture. Thier sting is not considered fatal and feels like a bee sting and the soreness can last for a few days or more. I was not bitten.

Normally I have a calm disposition for creepy crawly things but this was way too invasive for me. Whew! All is returning to normal.

For those who are curious as to what it's variety was, it was a Scolopendra polymorpha or banded desert centipede.


  1. Marka's Avatar
    I'll refrain from looking up the details of that creature as I don't wish for an exacting image, the mental approximation is quite enough...

    A shiver runs up my own spine just thinking about it...

    Chances are you put it out of it's own crawly misery... I would guess that your violent reflexive defense that offered collateral damage to the side of your head, had injured it too..

    Though I generally do respect all life... I'm certainly not going to get sentimental over the single loss, of which the potential could have been to [I]install[/I] a number more of it's offspring... into your abode...

    You weren't going out of your way on a [I]seek and destroy[/I] mission... you were rightfully defending your sanctuary, as I believe that you should... Yeah, you could've taken it out to the lot... and some [I]critter[/I] may have picked up after you for it's supper...

    Sweet dreams... 0_o
  2. SoakedinTexas's Avatar
    I hate when that happens at night when sleeping. Yucky is all that I can say.
  3. littlelodgewrecker's Avatar
  4. ade's Avatar
    thanks. we'll sleep tonight.

    i had an inch-long mozzy float it's way into my bedroom, some nights ago, and the bloody thing was too canny to let itself get squashed (must've had a bigger brain than normal).
    it ended up behind the curtain and i counted on it being roasted or frozen to death.
  5. Marka's Avatar
    [QUOTE=ade;bt32887]thanks. we'll sleep tonight.:biggrin:

    i had an inch-long mozzy float it's way into my bedroom, some nights ago, and the bloody thing was too canny to let itself get squashed (must've had a bigger brain than normal).
    it ended up behind the curtain and i counted on it being roasted or frozen to death.[/QUOTE]

    Speaking of horrors and sleeping tonight...

    [QUOTE=ade;1185252]i'm torn between them wiping/smearing their shit on the toilet wall, and them expecting us to believe that they've washed their hands throughly afterwards.
    and, of course, the [I]afterwards[/I] extends into them waltzing around the house, touching everything else, handling food and even offering some to you.

    disturbingly, there are teens who're still in that phase. would you like fries with this post?

    I've seen this first-hand with toddlers... worse yet...stories of me doing something so awful as a toddler... perhaps, it's why I have a shit phobia now...0_o

    ĦAy, caramba!,
  6. kerry's Avatar
    Once, in college, during a particularly nasty infestation in my apartment, I was awakened by a mouse crawling across my back. I believe I hit the ceiling directly from a prone position and woke the neighborhood with my scream. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.