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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#86

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I still find myself feeling that something very bad will happen at this year's upcoming Boston Gay Pride Parade next month. As I said previously, I have been personally invited by the LGBT members of the Boston Center for Independent Living Disability Organization to come and participate in this year's Boston Gay Pride Parade next month. But I really am very afraid that I will come under attack by Christian Anti-Gay Terrorists. As an older 56 year-old Gay Autistic with Cerebral Palsy, I "never feel safe" anywhere outside the walls of this family home which I share with my "straight" younger brother. Salem, New Hampshire, the town where I live is very much "dominated" by religious and political leaders who hate the living guts out of all LGBT persons. I live my life here constantly "on guard" against attack whenever I leave this house. This is my "reality". I learned a long time ago to "assume" that all other humans outside of home here in my own town are to be classified as "enemies", until "proven otherwise". I will "admit", that this "rigid" autistic black and white thinking with respect to my being Gay, and having to live in an extremely hostile homophobic town of 37,000+ has taken a great toll on my own personal mental health. But, nothing here where I live will ever change.

Anyway, as a Deacon Elder, I am feeling like a subhuman outcast this evening.

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