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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#85

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I have been invited to the 2014 Boston Gay Pride Parade. I find myself thinking that there will be an Anti-Gay "Christian Terrorist Attack" on this year's Boston Gay Pride Parade. Maybe I should "stay away" for my own personal safety. After all, all of the Televangelists on the "Trinity Broadcasting Network" are openly calling for all LGBT persons to be "exterminated". Being "in the closet", I am "living in Hell". I can not even bring myself to even "search" for a person of my own age to "date" and to have a "relationship" with. It seems, that my "survival instinct" is to never open up to anyone or to even acknowledge that I even have a "need for companionship". After all, "Christians simply want me dead", because I "physically exist in this world". I am "alone", with only my own inner thoughts for companionship.

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