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Blind as a Bat.

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This cave of deception reeks of mediocrity.
Sunlight calls this soul to freedom.

Silence. Silence Silence.
How can I crave such an imbiquitous entity or state of peace with such fervor?

Why would I be willing to trash all that I've been conditioned to?
How can such a call be so strong? Have I been duped?

This cheap society is contemptuous, deceitful, corrupt, misguided and I am a part of it.
But I despise it.

I saw a man in yesterday's clothes headed to the beach with a bottle of whiskey in his left hand.
What have I on him? Should I not be envious?

Do my cheap worldly possessions weigh me down?
What exactly holds me back from being truly free?

Contemplation is stifled by catch-phrases and proverbial innuendo.
Be respectable. Be responsible. Be productive. Be important.

(Just be 'something' for fucks' sake!)
(Make everyone else proud of what you become.)

What exactly makes a 'Warrior'?
Does an eleven year old child suffering from cancer and going through chemotherapy not qualify?

Does being fortunate condemn one to obligation?
Does being unfortunate warrant unsolicated pity?

Are we truly free?
Can we be?

What seperates the modern world from the obscure definition of freedom?
Has the new definition of society and social construct stripped our judgement of clarity on defining worth?

Simplicity is seemingly an idea long forgotten.
Tags, labels. expectations, notoriety, and status has consumed our hearts.

To truly live for one day is worth more than a lifetime imprisoned.
To see the sunset without regard to time or counting is to feel alive just once.

Does it then matter if we live 1 day or 10.000?
Do the tangibles outweigh the intangibles?

Does the experience not count for the mass of the substance?
Is love not an ingredient?

Without this sunlight we are mere bats in a cave.


  1. ade's Avatar
    hey! you got me to read something! all the way through, too!

    that's better than most can do.
    gripes? well, i don't really agree with the bat in a cave analogy/metaphor, and i think that the last line would work better without 'this' in it.
    this, '(Just be 'something' for fucks' sake!)' is the best, for me. it felt like my dad was back.

    anyway, - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.