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Whirl wind week and found my regrssion trigger (WARNING POOP MENTIONED)

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Well been busy working this week amongst other things applying for another parcel job ,got interview Monday
But the last 12 hours has been the best started out with stressful day yesterday so I suck my pacifier all the way home from last drop go home had a shower and 2 cups of tea Then went to bed and changed in to my cloth diaper onesie and plastic pants and had another good sucking pacifier session and went to sleep
Fast forward 9 hours I need a poo so just go in my cloth diaper which I try not to in cloth because of the clean up
and I felt like a 2 year old again every sit down the memories came flooding back and I didn't want or care to change my now wet and stinky diaper and feeling more and more like a toddler , I finally changed it at 11 20 and put a fresh cloth diaper on and now feel even more like a Toddler and have a severe pacifier sucking craving

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