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Well that is out of the way.

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Well, today I finally finished recording videos for my let's play of Ocarina of Time. There will be 41 parts (Part 41 is the credits). I just need to record post commentary for the rest of the videos and then after that I'm gonna start a new project which may or may not have live commentary. I have yet to come to a decision on that part. So if you guys are interested at all in what my YouTube channel is, like what I do on it and stuff just drop me a PM and I'll give you a link to my channel for you guys and girls to check out. I'm gonna be going along my Gamecube, Nintendo 64 and Wii library first, plus virtual console stuffs. I will be doing PlayStation 3 at a later point when I can get something better than composite. Anyways, I've been rambling on here for a bit longer than I wanted to. Thank you guys for following my blog. I'll keep you guys updated in the future. Thanks again guys. This is MokatheGroundhog signing out until another day rolls on by. Later. <3


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    Are you "The Let's Play Lounge"?...nvm!
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