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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#82

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This evening I have been looking up online the issue of Autism/Asperger's and BDSM. Being involved with and being "turned on" by BDSM and "Kink" seems rather "normal" for us adults with Autism/Asperger's. Of course, here on this Social Networking Website, we are all involved with wearing diapers, and "playing at being babies". When it comes to being "turned on" by Fetishes we on the Autism Spectrum are very much neurologically "hard wired" to really feel good about ourselves sexually, by engaging in "Kink". Even I, an older Autistic with Cerebral Palsy really loves the tactile feel of adult disposable diapers and plastic pants. Yes! I do perform "private" personal urogenital self-stimulation and expel spermatozoa into my diaper, lying mute an quiet in my bed between my side safety rails. With my having Cerebral Palsy, I will also admit, that as a person who absolutely has to wear "leg braces" to be able to stand and walk, I am also very much turned on by the sight of other disabled adult men who have to wear and use leg braces in order to stand and walk.

By no means am I the only Autistic who is mega turned on by BDSM and "Kink". I know one Aspie woman in her 20's, who is obsessed with being a "Furry". She can not go anywhere, without wearing her Lioness tail and ears. She of course is Lesbian, and wants another Lesbian Furry to "yiff" her. Another Lesbian Aspie woman I know is mega turned-on by Lesbian Hentai.

Just about every Aspie I know face-to-face in the Central New England Region is into some form of BDSM and "Kink"

Of course, here there are plenty of other Autism Spectrum adults who love diapers.:-)
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