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Tuesday 15 th April eventfull morning so far

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Well it's been an eventfull morning so far woke up at 5:30 am thanks to the dawn corus so i had another listen to my regression track .
I got out of bed around 7am put some jeans on over a very wet terries nappy and plastic pants had breakfast then took dog out t home and had a change and shave powdered up put on a clean desposible nappy then the fun started !
sitting in the front room laptop on my lap oh no whats that as i felt a poop urge starting OMG i'm going ! I realised couldn't stop but just help it out with a little push
( never poop my self a home in the week because my mum is already up ) then i just sat there for another 20mins till it was time to go to work then got up picked my bag up and drove to work in a poopy nappy .
30 mins later i decide finaly to change my nappy so i get in back of my van strip off as it was a quite musshy poop that i know had gone every where , what happend next was totaly unexpected i started peeing on floor and couldn't stop i had to move my feet quick as to not soak my socks

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