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Locked into my CB3000 and diapered.

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Well, for the next week at the minimum I hope, I will be locked into my CB3000 and diapered 24/7. I will have to use my diapers for their intended purpose. I will remove my CB3000, only for necessary cleaning during diaper changes.

This is a self imposed routine as my wife does not currently participate in any of my kinky interests. She does know about my diapers, and my strong interest in clothing historically considered to be feminine. She is not aware of my CB3000 which I purchased recently. I guess if I had it all to do over again, I would make sure the woman I married was not only supportive but wholeheartedly enthusiastic and actively involved in taking complete and absolute control of every aspect of her marriage, while keeping me locked up, diapered, and in skirts, dresses, and every other style of garment considered feminine, and permitted to wear pants (preferably women's pull-on elastic waist pants; no-fly) only when absolutely necessary. She would require me to do all the house work to her satisfaction and completed on time or my diaper changes would be delayed. When I have done something to sorely displease her I would expect to be put over-her-knee and given a sound spanking. I would be expected to worship her and please her in everything that I do. I would confess that she is vastly superior to me and deserves to be obeyed.

Anyway, hopefully I can test myself and see just how well I would submit to this type of regiment. I hope I have it in me to follow through.

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