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Transmissions From Within A Cloud Of Absinthe

A particularly Male experience

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So, work had some interesting moments tonight. My job keeps my on my feet running back and forth, jumping, kneeling, crouching and bending. Not the best atmosphere for wearing a diaper. In the name of stealth and cuteness, I usually wear goodnites, the awesome girly zebra ones. They fit and move around just right with all the activity, and they don't bulge in any noticeable fashion. The problem is one that many a male AB/DL has no doubt run into. There just isn't all that much space for a post puberty set of equipment. Finding just the right placement has a bit of a learning curve, but most days I get it right. Today was not one of them. Readjusting garments on the run just doesn't really happen, I ended up needing to take more than a few "bathroom" breaks to get everything right. I've almost completely moved beyond the point of having anxiety about wearing publicly, but tonight it was in full swing. Every time anyone got near me(which happens a lot in this biz) I was sweating bullets. By the end of my shift I was more than ready to bolt and head back to my cave. Thank the gods for scotch and hot showers. I have to admit though, being an adrenaline junkie and having a bit of an exhibitionist streak, I was more than a little 'high' on the hike home.
All you other gentlemen/lads/furs/whatever... you have my sympathies if you ever have the same garment issue.

Bonne nuit mes amis



  1. Cottontail's Avatar
    Yeah, this is pretty frustrating. I can pull the UnderJams right on, but there's just too much gapping in front due to the man-bits. Consequently, unless I'm oriented just right when I cut loose, I end up leaking. So! I don't use these kid pull-ups much. And that's too bad, because they are cute, particularly the girl ones. If the crotch was as wide in these as it is in baby diapers, all would be right with the world.
  2. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    Well, it's a particular having that set of genitals experience at least. This lady has to deal with it a lot too, and gives you many sympathies! It can be SO awkward. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.