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Approaching a year for some anniversaries.

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I'm still her in a sort of cat's cradle sensibility. Had begun as "here" instead of her but my fingers sometimes tell that which brain defers to fingers on. After all how much of "our" gender is in our mind's eye.

Dysphoria in a momentary safety zone's re-appraisal of all I am and am not. I've accepted that which I can be and cannot be balanced against what if's siren calls. Near deaths can do that.

Wondering if I'd died realdeath - would I now be a female baby? Blinks-shakes shoulders a bit. Grasps it's time to get back to mundane real work. Funny part- In either male or female self- I've always been attracted to females as lovers both emotionally and genitally. And no homosexual male fears or panic about wanting women with external prosthetic to be euphemistic. After all - being female and penetrated by a female is well within my erotica,


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    I don't really understand the situation, but if you want to chat about anything I'm all ears.

    While I have never felt unhappy with being a man, I have begun to think about gender being more fluid and I have been exploring a female persona. In the more liberal parts of our society gender is really what ever you want it to be, not just a binary m or f. Rather than thinking what gender you fit into, you find what gender fits you.

    Being female and wanting a female partner is not unusually at all. I don't know about what you consider yourself, but a lot of cross dressers are straight married men. I too like being "taken" by my wife, although it hasn't happened all that much. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.