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Day out with daddy.

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Part 1, the meet and diapering and punishment

This was a very interesting day. To start out daddy and me meet in a neutral place, that I picked (it was a candy and ice-cream store ) and gave me the most adorable cute pink bunny. Then we went back to daddy’s hotel and daddy undressed me, me was not allowed to do it myself, me got my hand slapped a few times for trying to help. He then before diapering me, put my locking mitts on so I could not use my hands or paly with myself as daddy says and my locking collar. Then daddy had me lay down and he started the diaper change but to my surprise well my legs were in the air he started spanking me…. I sort of stuck my tong out at daddy a few to many times. Then daddy finished powdering me and diapering me only to pull me over his lap to spank me again because the first spanking was not enough. Once the spanking was done he dressed me up in my cute baby girl outfit and then as a surprise daddy told them he was bring his little girl so a play pin was delivered and daddy made me sit in it for a long time as part of the punishment and then to finish the punishment off corner time sitting down for what seemed like a long time Then for the longest time 2 of the maids were outside the door for like 30 min talking in Spanish. I just have a feeling they know a spanking was happening and they were sticking around wounding what to do.

Part 2 bath time, shaving and diapering

After a bit of cuddling with daddy after the punishment, and a bottle, daddy thought it would be best of baby, me was completely shaven on my legs and I was already shaven in my special area. So daddy undressed me down to my diaper and even took my locking mitts off because I was being good and I was not wet yet and I was about to take my own diaper off for the bath when I got another slap on the hand because daddy was not going to take my diaper off for the bath, he made me get in the bath with my diaper on because it was not wet. The good thing is daddy did take my locking collar off so it did not get wet in the bath. He tried very hard to shave my legs but it was just too much hair and he gave up and took me out of the bath and took the soaked diaper off, which broke and fluff was starting to get all over the tub. Daddy also insisted on drying me off. Then daddy re-diapered me making sure to use extra powder and then told me he was going out to get clippers to shave my legs. He put my locking collar back on me and was hesitant and not putting my mitts back on me. But in the end he did not put my locking mitts back on me, because me promised to be good well he was gone and me was.

Part 3, shaving part 2, diaper change, and bath time again

Well daddy was out getting clippers to shave me, me wet my diaper almost to the point of soaking it and when daddy came back he was so happy that I wet my diaper seeing the pull up I was in before we first meet up was dry and the first diaper was dry. Daddy then spent the next 2 hrs shaving my legs well I was still wet. The thing was we were also planning to go see a movie as well and daddy did not think it would take so long to shave my legs and re-shave my privet area. So once daddy got most of the long hair off my legs he took my diaper off and then took me to the bath again, and I am not found of baths… me is a kitty after all…. So then daddy took the razor that he was trying to shave my legs with before and took now all the tiny hairs off my legs to make me nice and smooth and that took another 30 min and it was so borings, like being punished for a little. Daddy then diapered me back up and of course with extra powder for the moves and I was a little worried that daddy would put my butt plug in me for the movies so I did not poopy because daddy did not want me poopy at all. Lucky we were running late for the movie so daddy did not even think about it, me thinks and off we went after letting me wear normal cloths over my diaper. The only thing is I put my shirt on backwards AND inside out and daddy said he should not have let me dress myself.

Part 4, movies, wet bed and another change

We go to the move like 5 min after all the previews ended and the movie had started and daddy got me a large drink and told me not only did I have to dink that but drink a large refill as well. Once we got into the theater and sat down me wanted to be good and get to the second drink so me drank it all in like 20 min and I was soaked shortly after. Daddy noticed my drink was empty and he went to get the refill. I drank as much as I could, before starting to fill sick witch was only about half of it and I was so afraid that me was going to leak. but I made it to the end of the movie without any leaks but really needing to pee and then daddy and me went back to the hotel room where daddy undressed me and as soon as I was in that safe place I could not help but start to soaked my diaper and I could not stop (in public I am bladder shy unless it is an emergency like it was in the theater) by this time I was on the end and there was a disposable changing pad under me because daddy was getting me ready for a change and I was peeing for like 30 seconds and well let’s say I started leaking so bad it ran off the pad and onto the bed. Oops. I was still even peeing a little when daddy opened my diaper. Daddy had to get a cloth and wipe me down really well before he could even think about diapering me. But daddy also noticed I did not finish my second drink like I was told to do because I was starting to feel sick. So he figured it was time for another punishment.

Part 5, finishing the change, punishment and cuddling.

So because I did not finish the drink from the movies like I was told, even though I told daddy I was feeling sick and could not finish it, he decide to punish me. So before he even finished diapering me, he grabbed my medium butt plug, lubed it up and put it in my butt 0///0. His reasoning was because it was getting later in the day and wanted to make sure I could not poopy. He then told me I was not good enough to be clothed so I was left in just my diaper and my locking collar and he grabbed my bottle and filed it with some of the drink me did not drink and well cuddling made me drink it. I finished it like a good girl but then felt realllly sick like me was about to throw up…. AND I told daddy I was not feeling well before because me drank so munch already….. so daddy had to get a trash can just in case I did. Luckily me started to feel better but then daddy told me my punishment was not over. He gave me 4 choices of punishment, me thinks he was letting me chose because me was feeling sick, but he told me, that either me could be spanked hard with the plug in, corner time standing for 10 min, go to dinner in my girly outfit or take a very long bath. The bath would have been the easiest but boring just like corner time, the outfit I was scared to death to do and me was afraid to get a spanking again if someone were to hear plus me had a plug this time. So me picked corner time. For me it was torcher to stand in the corner so long, daddy even took a picture of me in the corner with my bunny but then after the picture he took my bunny away because me was being punished :0 ,but once it was over me ran over to daddy and snuggles with him for a long time of course with my plug in and he gave me my bunny back.

Part 6, clothing, dinner, pictures and final change

So after snuggling a while daddy noticed I was cold so he put my cute baby outfit on me and we snuggled for a bit longer but daddy was starting to get hungry. I was still feeling bad from drinking so much and I was not hungry so I told daddy he should go eat without me, although I know daddy wanted to take me out plugged. But before daddy went he wanted to do a photo shoot to make sure I have a pictures for later of some of the stuff we did. After once again asking me if I was going to be good and telling him I would be, he left to go eat. Well he was eating I soaked my diaper again and I must say it feels a bit odd to pee with a plug in when the pee moves around the plug. And I once again was a good girl and did not play with myself. By the time daddy got back from dinner I would have been in that diaper and plugged for about 2 hrs. Daddy changed me and just in time as I was starting to leak onto my cute outfit and almost the second bed. He took the plug out and me convinced him to put me back in a pull up and no powder before I left so it was not as notable to others. I still smelled like baby powder but it was not as bad and once me finished cleaning up with daddy and packing all the things up, and daddy almost forgot to take my locking collar off of me. Then daddy drove me back to my car and I was on my way. And I love the bunny daddy gave me soooooo much, every moment me had that me was not being punished or bath time or out in public me was snuggling with it. And all of you might laugh at me again but once again I put my shirt on backwards, oh the mind of a little, and guess who should have dressed me again and not let me dress myself. And that was the end of my fun day with daddy and I loved every moment of it. So to daddy, thank you.

To all who read this, feel free to comment, i would like to know what you all think.


  1. neocarbunkle's Avatar
    I hope this isn't offensive, but did this really happen or is it a story?

    Either way it sounds wonderful
  2. kitty3's Avatar
    No it is not a story. It did happen and all of it is as accurate as possible. I wrote it down as soon as I got home and then daddy reviewed it before I posted it. If you are on fetlife and find me on there. There are a few pics of the time :p
  3. neocarbunkle's Avatar
    Can I ask you a bunch of questions about this, like I am a reporter or something? I don't really understand these kinds of meet ups, even though I have been invited before.

    As long as you don't mind here I go.

    How long have you known your daddy and where did you meet?
    Is this person only a "play mate" or are you also in a physical relationship with him?
    Do you meet him often or does this only happen every once in a while?
    Do you stay "in character" the entire time?
    Do you set ground rules at the start as to what is and isn't approrpiate?
    I can understand what the "little / baby" gets out of the experience but what do you think the "big / parent" gets out of it?

    I think that's it for now. Thanks
  4. kitty3's Avatar
    Honestly this was only the second time i met daddy. The first time was at an ABDL munch in Colorado Springs, co. and at that munch we only talked a little, the rest of the talking was over skype. So i know it is riskier then most but i was feeling adventurous and so was daddy, it was his first time as well, but it was still a great time.
    yes he is only a play mate, he is already in a relationship with a vanilla partner witch is why he wanted to get out and do other things and yes he partner lets him do somethings as long as it is not sexual.
    For the most part we did stay in character. we do go out to the movies and although i was diapered and smiling like powder i was dressed in street cloths. daddy at the theater did talk for me and orders my stuff and the only time we somewhat broke character was driving to the movies when daddy asked me what i did and did not like. little did i know daddy just wanted to know what i did not like as punishments o.o go in reality he did not break character and nether did i.
    yes we did set rule. such as nothing sexual but like light teasing during changes or bath time was ok because daddy wanted to keep me "happy" and i was not going to wear my collar in public but daddy almost made me wear my cute baby outfit in public as 1 of the 4 possible punishments, why do you think i picked corner time. to start we were to meet in a neutral place just to talk for a bit. lol we did not talk that much before going tho. and we also had the light system safer words in place so green means ok, yellow means slow down to stop tell figure out what is wrong and red it is full stop. oh and daddy's rule to me i was not allowed to touch myself or do anything myself 0///0 and i had to listen to daddy or be punished. humm i think that was it for the rules
    for me as a baby it is just the experiences of being a baby. being contorted and punished. but for daddy, he is a switch so he can be baby or daddy but why he likes being daddy, is for one to make littles happy. 2 to be contorting, i well say the look on his face when he went to get the second drink for me in the movie theater u can tell he loved it knowing i was going to wet uncontrollably and be soaked. so really daddy gets to have just as munch fun, just more or less it is about the control for him.
    i think that answered everything
  5. neocarbunkle's Avatar
    Thanks, that answered a lot. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.