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A Rant

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Sorry, but I just feel I need to make about this because it is irritating me so much. I slept with my pacifier almost every night when I got it while I was away when college. I kept sleeping with it mostly every night until I was caught in the early summer by both my parents on separate incidents. Since then I have only been using it on and off when I sleep over the past several months or when I'm home alone. For the past two days (today included) I started sleeping with it again. Yesterday I woke up in my bed facing my bedroom door and I think my mom opened my door since I saw it was open. I have a feeling that she saw I had it in my mouth because then later in the day she kept bugging me about how I haven't seen my orthodontist recently and need to make an appointment. She also mentioned about to make sure I use my retainer. I told her I have been using for the required amount at night (which is every other night.) I felt like she kept hinting at my pacifier by mentioning, "You need to see him (the doctor) because we need to make sure your teeth are not moving around or getting buck teeth from something." I know I have rarely used my pacifier until now, but I know that when the last time I went to the orthodontist, he said my teeth were fine and that was at the time I was using it more frequently.

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