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Just a small rant

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I have noticed something about myself that I hate. I hate that I can't say to no to people. I can't simply say no when someone texts me asking to hang out. I'm a pushover and I hate it. I've gotten into several fights with my friends about it before, it comes down to how clingy I am. I latch on to people and hope an pray they never leave me, sometimes I find myself saying "You're worthless if you say no to these people who've stuck by you thick and thin" I hate that I think that way...

I wish I wasn't such a damn pushover. I've nearly relapsed into old habits several times the last few days, I find myself longingly staring at calloused patches of skin on my hands. It takes everything in me not to start picking at them, sometimes it gets so bad all I can do is grab onto an inanimate object and hope the urges pass. They vary in strength, sometimes it's just a whisper, other times it's a roaring lion ready to devour me once again. I want to give in to them but I know better. I know that no matter how weak or useless I feel, there are people that care about me. Even if they are across the world from me...


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    *hugs for my daddy*
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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine
    *hugs for my daddy*
    *Hugs you back*
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    One of the skills in life is learning how and when to say no. This is easier said than done, but ultimately it is how much you value your friendship/relationship with the other party which determines how far you should give in.

    Best wishes, and a hug from across the world
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    Here's an utterly stupid shortcut that might be useful practice: rule of three. Don't do anything three times in a row. If you've been out with friends twice, say no the third time and take a little personal time. If you've skipped a couple things, make sure to go hang out.

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