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Still here

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Hey everybody! Despite of the mood swings, I'm ok, I go to "therapy", I get some support from here too, I'm grateful for that. Just had a friend's bachelor party last week and his wedding two days ago. The priest was pretty homophobic, but I enjoyed the wedding I bought a hat before and listened to some Irish folk music with an other attendant, had a few whiskeys and enjoyed the spirit of manhood. I found a job a few weeks ago. now I have a place to sleep and I earn some money, which is good, working night shifts takes my mind off of some of the darker thoughts. Still feels nice to picture myself as a girl, to feel a girl's body when I touch my own skin, stuff like that, but I'm starting to feel a lot like being a man and being a child and being a girl are no more than roles like being a son or being a brother or being a neighbor. These are all parts of me, none is more valid than the other, they just get their validity from the situations and the moods I experience. It's just very difficult to show more stability and less confusion to the outside world.

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