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A fun day at the beach. :D

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So, after the rain stopped here...finally. I decided to go to the more unknown part of the beach swimming with a cloth diaper on underneath my wet suit to go surfing while there was another storm out in the gulf as that's the only decent time to surf here unless you want to go out 10 miles to the islands. There is just something about surfing with a diaper on that's just... *sigh* It made it so fun. Even though my diaper was filling up and getting heavy, (I really need a swim diaper for this hehe) I was still enjoying myself. Well, at the beach I had brought grilled cheese and the rest of the dino chicken nuggets with a sippy cup filled with some juice for lunch, and a nice dry disposable diaper to change into spread out on a Thomas&Friends beach towel. After I changed and had some lunch I just sit back in just a diaper and watch the storm grow closer, even got to see a light show. Probably the best day my little self had in a long time.

Just thought I'd share with you guys.

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