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Nocturn 2

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Here I am, again.
Can't sleep. I drift away in my imagination.
Thinking of flying away to Britain in search of my other half, whoever he might be.
Worries of my immediate future mixed in haunting memories and age-old conflictions.
I try to find solace in here, but to no avail.
Physically and mentally tired of this life.
Want to spread my wings and fly.
Fly, with my dearest Peter Pan, a green swallow in the morning sky of my own private dream-blurred wonderland.
Beyond age, beyond the laws of physics.

But I digress.
Now I will go to sleep. I will navigate through my dense mist of premonitions- my dream world, come out the other side barely in one piece, my mind will slowly follow.

My dream life. The only life worth living. The little death, my most real existence.

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