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We need to talk about Kevin

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This my friends, is the name of a movie, but we are going to talk about Kevin anyway.

(Spoiler alert)
(Messy discussion ahead)
(Excuse me for my rambling thoughts)
(These brackets make this post look messy)

Wearing diapers is often regarded as a negative thing, and the negativity surrounding Kevin using his diaper was used as a red herring in this scene.

This movie has been mentioned in some threads before, but this time I'm going to draw attention to a particular scene.

(Warning, messing scene)

We need to talk about Kevin Potty Training Scene

The story is about the mother-son relations of a young boy who has committed a horrifying large-scale murder, and this particular scene appears as a flashback when the boy's mother visits him in prison.

Kevin hates his mother, and does things to provoke her. What happens is that, among other things, the boy is refusing potty training. Thus his mother, is at her wits end. In the scene he first poops his diaper, and the mother grudgingly changes him.

She chided him and puts him on the floor. But Kevin then poops the clean diaper, right in front of her, and smiles meanly back. Enraged, the mother grabbed him and throws him against a wall, breaking his arm.

This scene disturbs me greatly. I'll just list the points that have popped up in my mind these past day.

1) Why couldn't the parents toilet-train their child? (It is implied that the child is normal), why didn't the mother just take away the diapers?

2) Would a child be really this mean at this young age? What if my daughter did this to me?

3) Could a mother really be this mad at her child, simply because he pooped his diaper after repeated warnings?

4) Are there really actual children who plain refuse to poop, except in their diaper? It is strong fantasy in the ABDL world but is it a real thing?

5) When does a child's unwillingness to toilet-train become mental torture for parents?

6) Does kids regressing to diapers later in life give parents that same reaction that Kevin's mother had the second time he pooped? Did my dad feel that way when he found out about my diapers(though without actually harming me physically)?

<7) Given the era the film was set in, shouldn't Kevin have worn tape-on disposables instead of pull-ups?>

I must reveal that I had chanced upon this clip just after spending hours writing the climax scenes of my story 'the girl who wondered if only'. It certainly served me a wake up call, this film played by an award-winning actress based on a critically-acclaimed book. I wished that I had been wearing a diaper when I was watching this, for my stomach rumbled terribly.

It got me questioning, when does a child's unwillingness to toilet-train start to be mental torture to the parents. I mean, who likes to change diapers, especially poopy diapers? Human excrement is smelly, dirty, disgusting, unhygienic after all!

And yet, the mother' frustration with her child lack of love for her shows through clearly. I really felt for the character, even though I knew it was a fictional person.

Why can't people poop/pee the way they choose to without being judged? That's one paradigm shift I would like to see, but unless someone like Deepika Padukone or Emma Watson wears them openly, diapers will never start to be openly accepted.


  1. foxkits's Avatar
    Tiny tim was a gremphobe he used depends for his underwear.
    In the time I grew up you were a bad parent if your child was still in diapers
    Every one would brag how soon they got there child out of diapers so parent's did not want to be seen as not as good as others with kids.
    Plus in my time we wore cloth and plastic pants. Now being wet and messy was not so good a feeling so we pottie trained sooner the new diapers dont feel so bad so children
    Dont feel as wet so they have no incentive to want to be out of diapers that is why bigger sizes are being made.
    There is pier pressure among parents to have there kids out of diapers. I was spanked punished for wetting my pants . Then forced back into diapers as punishment and told I must be a baby to be in diapers. But they thought I was lazy not that I had lack of nerves being I was brone two months premature at 3 pounds . - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.