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Mission Completed and a Few Other Things

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I finally was able to go to the store and bought some Girl Goodnites. I've been so tempted to try them since I came home with them.

I realize I haven't really kept my new year resolution so I'm hoping to go tomorrow to class diapered.

I also had a weird dream last night, I dreamed that my family had done the laundry specifically the panties. As the panties are being sorted, I see my own panties are being taken out of the laundry basket. I was stunned and shocked especially because no one was reacting to My Little Pony panties being taken out and then given to me.

That is all I really remember from it. I can't say if anything happen after that in the dream, but I do have a feeling the reason I had it in the first place was because my family and I have been doing a lot of laundry this week.

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