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I'm Better Not Being Here

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I'm going to avoid melodrama and insults despite how deserved many think the latter is. This is my ADISC swan-song for lack of a better description. I have put much thought into this, and even now I am not so sure. I won't be deleting my account, at least not for a long while. I'd rather leave contact so people can find me. If past friends return here I'd want them to be able to find me.

For those of you reading this who have no idea what I'm talking about I was one of the members banned during the 18+ fiasco. I was angry back then, and I am truly touched that some came to my aid. Their help did naught, but the actions themselves did more than could be taken away. To those who I'm referring to, I thank you, and forever indebted to you. To Moo, if it means anything, I don't hate you. Removing all emotion from my thoughts and I'd even say I respect you greatly for the decision you made; emotions in play and I'd have rather cross words to say, but I'd rather not muck up what I hope is a good farewell.

This place was at one time my home, and I loved it. I stand here with fond memories and good friends that this site has given me. ADISC still is a home. It is, however, not my home any longer. I don't see this as a tragedy though, because there is not much sad about it. Think of this blog as not an epitaph but a toast. Granted, a bitter-sweet toast, but still a toast.

It took my this long to decide to leave because I was hoping I could make ADISC my home again, that I could make new friends and everything would be ok, but I'm often too optimistic. Not to say everything isn't ok. My life is very good now. My mother's case of her death has been settled, I'm engaged still, I'm going to college in the fall, and best of all I'm happy.

I hope this site continues to help people, and I have very little doubt it will stop. I'm not quite egotistical enough to assume it would stop without me, though I am just full of myself enough to hope I'm not forgotten so easily. I will be checking periodically over the next few days to talk to anyone who wishes to talk and say goodbye to a few close friends who I hold dear.

And thus we come to the end of my goodbye, and where normally I'd insert some pseudo-intellegent quote to appear as if I'm very deep, I will simply say this.



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    Hi there Shadowhawk,

    I was still pretty new when the people under 18 were banned, and I'm pretty sure this is the first contact we've had. In light of this, there's not much I can say except that I am sorry to see you go. I'm sorry to see anyone leave (besides the spammers/rule breakers). In particular, it's gotta be hard to leave what used to be your home, after being allowed to return. I understand why, though, and I'm really glad you're happy. That's the point of a community like this: to help people find balance and happiness. Whether you got that here, elsewhere, or both, I hope the community will join in being really happy for you!

    Again, though it'll be sad to see you go, I'm happy that you've found such a happy place in your life, and hope that the next great adventure is a good one. You've got some exciting times ahead...make the most of them!

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