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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#77

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Very late Friday Night, and I am my usual "Night Owl" self. Lately, I have purchased (4) cheap $5.00 LEGO building toys and I built (2) little vehicles, a "Helicopter" and an "Articulated Backhoe". I felt very happy sitting down and putting them together. Simple play very much appeals to me as an older Autistic adult. LEGO is an "open ended" type of toy, where one can use one's "imagination" to "modify" and create unique little vehicles, ect., not just what is pictured on the outside of the box. I have always loved to play with children's toys. Having children's toys and playing with them is an integral part of being an Adult Baby/Little. Play is the "work" of childhood. For an Autistic like myself, who has had my "real" childhood "interrupted" decades ago, I find myself "trying to catch up" with what I missed in childhood, when I was forced to "be a grown up" to deal with my late Mother's severe mental-illness problems. From my own experience, I do see a correlation between Adult Baby/Adult Child or what I call "Kidult" behavior and childhood abuse and neglect. The "Kidult" is the "real" inner person, who has become cognitively psychologically "fused onto the outside". Adulthood behavior and responsibility was "too much" for the "real" child, that "I was" decades ago. Being Developmentally Disabled, even though"mildly" in my case, I should not have had to "shoulder" the "adult burdens" I had to bear when I was a little boy and teenager.

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