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Diaper time?

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Ive not posted on here for such a long time infact it was over a year. I saw the adult baby programme on tv and it wasnt to bad. I am sure there is plenty wrong with the way tv portrayed it all it's never 100% correct when its fetish related.

Thing is at the moment I am having a bit of relationship trouble and due to partners work we sleep seperate. And i just think to myself at night a diaper would be easier and she'll never know cause as soon as i mention somthing she is all over trying it aswell which takes the moment and openess away. Its quite frustrating. Thing is at the moment I dont have an income which means we share money and where do I get diapers from at no cost? It's highly unlikely. In the past ive wet and cleaned myself up had sex both wearing them and it was safe but again just feels lost a bit. Yet instead of looking for work and doing chores I find myself browsing adultbaby fourms and sites wondering what is triggering it all. I wish I had more attention as a relationship only seconded by a mommy who cares to look after me.

Yet we both film fetish videos and I know she is fine with it all guess I am just lonely

I am sure this wont be the last blog from me in this slightly frustrating situation


  1. pd8615's Avatar
    As I assume your partner is open minded is there a way to blend your kinks?

    My current partner, for example, has a hair pulling fetish. She has long hair down to her mid back and loves to be roughly handled by her hair.

    What does that do for me? Well honestly, nothing. Not my thing. But making her hot and excited? Works for me

    So I think along similar lines with a/b interests. Partner might not really be into it but perhaps they like spanking or bondage. Don't like spanking or bondage in a big way myself but if one wants to tie me up and / or spank me when diapered I can go there easily. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.