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New CAR! Yea! and other stuff..

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I haven't been on much I stay really busy w/ school...Well any ways I got a new car this week since I totaled my 07 Honda civic 2 weeks ago sad...but it wasn't my fault since the truck driver hit me. I wasn't hurt other than some cuts and bruises and a concussion but it crushed in the entire right side of my car. Well as of yesterday I have a new grayish silverish 08 Honda accord EX Yea! and I love it....Well other than that schools going good. Im just sick of writing reports...Yuck...AND! I'm finally dating again after 2 years of dating no one. His name is Adam and hes really good to me. well that's all for now....Happy early turkey day everyone! Gobble Gobble!


  1. Pojo's Avatar
    School's going well. :3

    I want a new car D:
  2. Icey's Avatar
    Big sis, glad to hear you got you a new car!! I am happy to hear that you were not hurt any worse than you were!!

    Congrats to you on finding someone to share your life with!! I wish you the best with Adam & I am glad that he is treating you right!! Good luck with school & stuff!!

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